At Lex Projex™ we are not just legal project managers, legal process analysts, legal systems engineers or the like, we are legal technologists. We use what we consider to be the “best of breed” Microsoft project management technology solutions to plan, track, monitor and report on our legal matters. We are part of the Microsoft Partner Network and are adept at using Microsoft Project software, Microsoft Project Online, Microsoft Project Pro for Office 365 and Microsoft Office 365’s SharePoint Online services to equip and enable collaborative, “on-line legal teams” (including in-house and/or their outside counsel and legal vendors) to work on their legal matters in an efficient, effective and economical manner.


We are BIG believers in the value of “Dashboards” to track and monitor the scheduling, work, cost, risks and issues in legal matters. Use of such Dashboards allows General Counsel, Managing Partners, clients and responsible lawyers and support staff team members to instantly track the status of legal projects “at a glance,” which often eliminates unnecessary (and expensive!) meetings to determine the status of legal cases and matters. In effect, the cost of LPM and its related technology is often more than offset by the cost savings from reduced legal fees themselves, while affording 24/7/365 transparency about the status of legal matters. We also work with outside technology companies to assist our customers in integrating our recommended LPM technology solutions into their own IT infrastructure.